27. – 30. MAY 2023

Somewhere on Adriatic sea ⛵😎



Somewhere on Adriatic sea ⛵😎​

All informations on this page are preliminary and unofficial !!

Dear Rotarian friends!

Every year, Rotary Club Ljubljana Carniola organizes the traditional humanitarian sailing regatta for all Rotarians, their friends, and those who recognize the value of our work. You are kindly invited to join us. We are certain that you would like to sail with your friends, and that together we can experience the blue, the smell and the taste of the sea, and wind in the sails, as well as the social networking and fun. We will be happy to welcome each and every crew member. Until then we are sending you a kind Rotarian greeting!


The entrants of the competing crews are the Rotary clubs. Each club can enter one or more crews. In each crew at least one member must be a Rotarian. The crew can consist of members from different Rotary clubs; in this case they must decide which will be the running club, i.e. whose flag they would compete under. Individual Rotary club members can also apply; they will become a member of the crew on one of the sailboats.

Entry fee for each participant

The entry fee for each crew member is 320 € 
If there are less crew members than 8, the whole crew has to pay additional 50 € for each missing member (e. g., 7 × 320 € + 50 €, 6 × 320 € + 100 €). The entry fee covers humanitarian contribution (min.50 €), the dinners, berths in marinas and other expenses of the sailing competition. 
The fuel, arrival expenses, rent of the sailboat and tourist tax are not included in the entry fee.

Payment notes for entry fee

The payment of entry fee has to be made latest until 31.3.2023.
Please make wire transfer to:
Recipient: »Rotary Club Ljubljana Carniola«, Celovška 291, 1000 Ljubljana
IBAN (recipient’s account number): SI56 0201 1025 6846 411
BIC (Bank Identifier Code of the recipient): LJBASI2X
Purpose: »entry fee payment for (number of people) for RC (name of Rotary Club)«

Sailing boat Rental cost

Rental cost for one sailing boat Bavaria 46 cruiser  (2018) is 1.760 €. When ordering, “first-come (pay), first-served” system will be applied. The price includes: sailboat rental from Saturday to Tuesday, transit log (bed linen…) and final cleaning.
The deposit is not included in the rental price. The deposit costs and tourist tax is paid in cash at the takeover of the sailboat .

Rental payment (until 31.12.2022)

100% rental price is due 14 days after reservation or latest until 31. 12. 2022. The skipper is responsible to arrange payment for the complete boat.
Recipient: »RC Ljubljana Carniola«, Celovška 291, 1000 Ljubljana 
IBAN (recipient’s account number): SI56 0201 1025 6846 411
BIC (Bank Identifier Code of the recipient): LJBASI2X
Purpose: »rental of the sailboat for RC (name of RC)«
We expect waiting list for Regatta 2022, therefore we urge the skippers to arrange payments as soon as possible.

Commentary notes

The organizer has the right to change the course of the competition. The organizer does not take any responsibility for any damage or injury to the vessels, personal injury, or any other damage or. injury, at sea or on land, for the time before, during and after the regatta. All persons participate at their own risk. The helmsman is fully responsible for the sailboat and crew during the voyage.

Sails are sailed according to ISAF rules since 2009, regatta advertisements and international regulations on boat collision avoidance, special regulations for coastal competitions. Vessels will be classified into one competing class (i.e. monoclass).



The organizer is entitled to make changes to the competition route and schedule. It depends on weather and other factors (for example Covid rules…)


12.00 arrival to the starting marina 
from 14.00 taking over the vessels
14.30 training-sailing to “first day” marina
19.00 berth of sailboats in marina 
20.00 opening of the regatta with dinner at restaurant
21.00 presentation of crew members


9.00 skipper’s meeting
10.30 start of the 1st regatta
14.00 start of the 2nd regatta
17.00 arrival to marina 
20.00 dinner and awards of the 1st day


9.00 skipper’s meeting
10.30 start of the 3rd regatta
lunch and swimming
14.00 start of the 4th regatta
17.00 arrival to the marina
20.00 dinner
22.00 awards ceremony


8.00 departure to the starting Marina
11.00 refueling
12.00 return of sailboats and departure

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